Bad news not only travels fast but tends to stick around once it arrives.  With all the negative press Greece has gotten recently in light of the economic crisis that has held the country in recession for the past five years, one may not even notice the instances of innovation, creativity and resourcefulness within the country that manage to surface in the media. Or worse, believe that such signs do not even exist.

I started this blog to collect these signs of entrepreneurial vision, talent, commitment and meraki, that wonderful and untranslatable Greek word that suggests a deeply felt pleasure in one’s work. I thought it could be a board to share the innovative ideas and beautiful design and intriguing art I came across on the Internet or on walks through the city or in conversations with friends. And not just mine. Hopefully others will want to share some of the good Greek stuff that they’ve found, too.


3 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thanks for the kind comments. The availability of the product depends on where you’re located. Some are widely available (the Kalathaki Limnou cheese and the beers I can find in my neighborhood supermarket or cava in Athens), others are harder to find (I’ve only found the organic sea bass at AB Vasilopoulos). Luckily more and more of these products can be found online. But you’re right — I should make a note in the posts of where to find these products, especially abroad.

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